International Monitoring Network and Monitoring Programme

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The first international monitoring programme with 63 parameters was set up for the year 1992. The individual parameters are analysed in the components in which they can be found in relevant concentrations. Apart from the analysis of the water phase, routine tests of suspended sediments were introduced in 1996.

International Elbe Monitoring Programme

Sampling dolphin on the Elbe in Schmilka, Foto: LfULG

The International Elbe Monitoring Programme 2019 currently comprises the analysis of approx. 180 parameters in the water phase and 70 parameters in suspended sediments. Approx. 10 parameters are analysed in the biological part of the monitoring programme.

The regular analysis of the Elbe water quality based on a coordinated international monitoring programme makes it possible, among other things, to detect conspicuous substance discharges. For example, the Schmilka/Hřensko monitoring profile detected an increased haloether concentration in the Elbe in 2005. Thanks to the commitment of ICPER and the constructive cooperation of the regional authorities and the polluter, the load was reduced significantly.

International monitoring network

Monitoring profiles of the International Elbe Monitoring Programme 2019

The water quality within the framework of the International Elbe Monitoring Programme 2019 is monitored at 9 monitoring profiles in Germany and 6 monitoring profiles in the Czech Republic (10 directly at the Elbe and 5 at tributaries). These monitoring profiles are places of surveillance monitoring according to the Water Framework Directive and provide a complete overview of the current situation of the Elbe River basin district.

At the monitoring profiles equipped with monitoring stations, some parameters such as water temperature, pH, electric conductivity, dissolved oxygen and water flow are continuously monitored. In order to determine the other parameters, samples are taken automatically and analysed in laboratories.

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