How ICPER Works

The ICPER prepares recommendations for the contracting parties.

Delegations and working groups

The ICPER delegations and working groups are composed of representatives of national and regional authorities as well as scientific institutions in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and the EU, where appropriate. Apart from that, representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are involved in the work.

Conferences and meetings

The conferences (plenary session) and the meetings of the group leaders of the contracting parties and the working group leaders are held once a year, the meetings of the three working groups and the four expert groups are held approx. twice a year.

The ICPER conferences and the meetings of the heads of the delegations of signing powers are, as a rule, held annually; the meetings of the work groups and expert teams are held two or three times a year.


The ICPER working languages are German and Czech.


The ICPER secretariat with a staff of eight supports the work of the commission and its working groups with regard to technical, language and organisational aspects. It is based in Magdeburg.